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New Year's Greetings from All of Us!

Kabay pa nga padayon kita nga buligan sang aton Guinoo sa pagsulod sang bag-o nga tuig. Amon ginapangayo na padayon Niya kita hatagan sang maayo nga panglawason, grasya nga matamasa kag ma-share sa naga-kinahanglan, kalipay kag padayon na pagsulundanay kag pagpinalangga-anay.

floating lanterns

this lanterns of different designs are found in panay river, fronting the cathedral church. Symbolizes joy and light to the people who are attending "simbang gabi" (midnight mass).

Buy and sell gold online

When I was a kid, I used to be fascinated by the story of King Midas who everything he touches turns into gold. When I grew up, after the former President Marcos was deposed, stories of his gold bullions stashed in some place surfaced that prompted lot of people to begin hunting for this hidden treasure.

My fascination with gold didn't lead me to buying gold jewelries or even gold bullions. Most people I know buy gold not only because of its decorative value, but because it is a good investment. In recent years, we've seen so many people buying gold because its value doesn't diminish over time, but in fact, it even increase.

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So for all your needs in buying and selling gold, visit the It's gold made easy.

Online poker for Mac users

Poker is the most popular card game played in casinos and with the advent of online casino games, online poker's popularity is growing at an exponential rate. Mac users will be very thrilled to know that now there is a new online poker site called Mac Poker that is primarily devoted to Mac users.

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Wordless Wednesday #12 Apsara dancer

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A Fellowship in Guimaras Island

Months ago, our office paid for a fellowship activity in Guimaras Island. We all got very excited because it will be a time off our hectic work schedules. Guimaras is a province in Iloilo and is best known for its sweet, sweet variety of mangos.

We stayed at Raymen Beach Cottages in Alubihod, Nueva Valencia. To our delight, the place was beautiful - white sand beach, long stretch of shoreline, and crystal clear water ideal for swimming.

To get there, we left Roxas City early in the morning. From Iloilo City, we went to Ortiz port and took one of the many boats that ply the Iloilo-Guimaras route. It didn't took long, only about 45mins and we already reached the historical Buenavista wharf! Buenavista is one of the five municipalities of Guimaras, and the wharf where we docked is also known as the McArthur wharf, named after the famous Douglas McArthur who built it in 1903.

We didn't waste time. Our activities were mainly on team-building and fellowship. We had music, dancing, games and of course, the food! It was such a good time for all of us. After many, many months of hard work, this excursion certainly relaxed everyone as well as strengthen our camaraderie and team spirit. I hope we'll have more of this in the future. We were there for a few nights, but we all came home with renewed spirits and commitment in our work.

For me, the it would have been more fun if my husband and little boy were there. I know, it was a wishful thinking - but I know many mothers out there share my feelings about being with family, but since it is a work-related outing, it's just not right to take them with me. Next time, I hope to bring my husband and little boy here for some family bonding.

*Photo of Raymen Beach was taken from

Joy-riding in Europe!

I have long dreamed of traveling in Europe. The countries that attract me the most are Germany, France and Spain and what better way to enjoy what these European destinations have to offer than by driving! To me, driving offers the most pleasant way of getting from one destination to another. Having a car is certainly the best and the most efficient way to explore, experience, and enjoy the above-mentioned destinations, its vast countryside, its warm and friendly people and its colorful culture. You can easily stop anywhere you like and at anytime you wish to look at the markets, have meals in one of the local restaurants or just bask in the village life. But before hitting the road, careful research and planning should be undertaken. One needs to know not only the visa requirements, but also information on car rentals, driving license, speed limits, insurance requirements and, most of all, accommodations after a day’s worth of driving.

Where to stay is not a problem as there are thousands of them listed in the internet. One website that provides a one-stop site for accommodations with great discounts and deals in Europe is Thousands of accommodations of all types are listed in this site. For example, finding hotels in London is piece of cake as are so many kinds to choose from at any given location. Need hotels in Paris or hotels in Barcelona with unbeatable last minute deals?

Don’t fret, just browse through and you’ll be surprised at the many current hot deals and extras that they give.

Wordless Wednesday #11 - Mayon Volcano

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Let there be light

One of the most important things that should be considered when decorating houses is the lighting system. You don't want bright lights when you watch DVD in your living room, or too dark at night when you are preparing meals at night. In other words, much thought should be given about proper house lighting. Aside from its function, the style is also important and should blend in well with the other furnitures at home.

If you are in search for the best lighting for your house, then there are many online sources to go to. is a one-stop shop for all lighting needs. is a family-owned business that, over the years, has grown huge because of its massive success in providing high quality of products to its customers. So the customers are assured that the products at come from the top manufacturers of America.

Navigating through the website is very easy. You can search the products by brand, by application or by style! Among the many choices they have online, House of Troy lighting provides all kinds of lighting accessories, be it contemporary, traditional, transitional, or even utility, all of which have their own unique styles and designs. These products come from the state of Vermont where (hand-)craftmanship is a tradition. Searching further, my attention was caught by the unique sea gull lighting. The designs are so decorative, and definitely do not look like a sea gull at all! Sea gull lighting does not only come in contemporary, traditional, tiffany and transitional designs, they also have something for the bathroom, ceiling and other lighting accessories. What's more, it also has an energy-saving lighting for the environment-conscious.

I could go on and on about the fabulous products at, but of course, you'll have to see it for yourself. Go check now.

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Wordless Wednesday #10 - Rice Planting

Hi... am back for this week's edition of Wordless Wednesday.

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Wordless Wednesday #9 - Pabitin

Pabitin is a traditional game in the Philippines. The main element in pabitin is the "latticed" bamboo festooned with junk foods, fruits, candies, and even money, lowered or pulled up playfully with a piece of string, for kids to grab or snatch as they pass by. This picture was taken in one of the Christmas parties we give to the children from impoverished communities where we work.

Wordless Wednesday #8 Green fields of Home

Happy Wordless Wednesday!
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Quick post

Just as I complained yesterday about the silence on the part of the paid-blogging sites that I registered in came an email minutes ago announcing that one of my posts had been approved! Yay! Thanks a lot. I hope they give me more opportunities.

And oh, I need to create the required disclosure statement soon.

Now on to the next paid-blogging assignment... :D

I was tagged!

I visited Seester's blog during lunch break and saw there a tag for me. Being a newbie in blogging, I do not have an idea what a tag is, let alone what to do with a tag. So I summoned her to YM to ask her what is this tag thing all about. To my embarrassment, it's sort of a game you play by answering some stuffs. Ok, don't blame me, I've only begun blogging two months ago and I have not yet immersed myself in culture of blogging.

So, anyways, here's what's in my bag:

1. Native purse. I purchased it when I was in Vietnam years ago and it's where I put my celfones and loose coins.
2. Wallet from Sri Lanka which I nicked from Seester when she came back from a conference there.
3. My favorite hankie
4. Lip balm
5. Ballpen
6. Cologne
7. Shades
8. Face powder
9. My ever-dependable celfone…
10. … and calculator
11. Aherm, panty-liner

There, all revealed! I carry these things everyday without fail, wherever I go. What's in yours?

Something's fishy...

... is going on with the paid-blogging sites that I had registered into. I think I was tricked into opening an account with these questionable sites. I already submitted a post, and, according to their records, it is still pending. Okay, perhaps this is one of the sites that doesn't pay their bloggers on time?

A lesser known beach

The beach above is one of the beaches that surround the province of Capiz. Pacho beach, as it is popularly called here, is located in Barangay Basiao, municipality of Ivisan. It is about 10kms from the town proper of Ivisan and the road is good.

It is one of the many beaches here that many locals go to during weekends. It doesn't have the white sand of Boracay, but many local tourists love to go there because it is very peaceful and the scenery is fantastic. It offers a real getaway place for those seeking to escape the hustle-bustle of the city.

Though Pacho beach is accessible, it is still beyond the reach of commercialism. I think that it won't be long before a lot of people would come to know this place. But how many more years before the claws of tourism and commercialism finally turn this place upside-down?

Wordless Wednesday #5 - Clowning around

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Welcome to the family!

Just when my little boy's birthday excitement barely faded away, we were again greeted by another excitement. This time, it was the birth of my brother's second child.

She is Denise Loraine, born on October 15, just 8 days after my little boy's 3rd birthday. It was said that she has a striking resemblance with her Papa (my brother) and her Grandpa (my father). My mother even said that Denise is the girl-version of my little boy who took after my father! Haha. Beebop is now an Ate (older sister,) and my son Joshua, a Kuya (older male cousin) -- and they both have a new playmate! I can only imagine that my parents house will be filled with more children's noises now that the number of their apos (grandchildren) totals to three. My parents house was quiet for a long time since my siblings and I live away from them.

Welcome to the world, Denise. May you grow healthy and filled with God's love and blessings.

One stop site for all car insurance needs

I am just amazed at the enormity of information that can be had from the Internet. No wonder it is called the information highway!

In one of my blog-surfing, I came across a website called the Advantage Auto Quotes. This website offers a wide range of insurance policies that guaranteed to fit every customers needs.

To those looking for a way to lower your car/SUV insurance, Advantage Auto Quotes is the ideal place to go. Browsing through the website, I found out that Advantage Auto Quotes caters to all kinds of customers with different insurance needs. These policies are not limited only to "regular" car owners. If you are a sports car owner concerned about all the possible damage to your car, you will surely find the Coverage for Sports Car suitable for you. It is an inexpensive policy for new and even old sports car. Where else can you get that? There is also a teen driver auto policy… can you believe that? A lot of parents would be very happy to know this, for sure.

Advantage Auto Quotes sells all types of automobile insurance policies, including leased vehicle gap insurance policy, business insurance policies, and many others. So if you are looking for the best insurance coverage, why not visit Advantage Auto Quotes website. They not only offer the best solution for all your needs, whatever kind of vehicle you drive and whatever age range you belong to, but most of all, they also assist you all throughout the tedious process.

On getting paid to blog

I have recently given in to the blogging itch and I tell you, I am beginning to enjoy the wonderful experience it brings. Writing down my thoughts and seeing it published online is such a rush! More so, when other bloggers leave comments and an interaction ensues!

I am a working mom, and my mind is always pre-occupied by my work and responsibilities at home and as a mother. I had little time for recreation and opportunities are also rare. When I was introduced to blogging, my nights have changed. Of course, the call of motherhood is still the first priority but when all is done, I enjoy the peace and quiet at night especially when my little boy is busy watching his cartoons on DVD with his father. So that's the time when I retreat into my corner where a whole new world awaits me.

Blogging and bloghopping allows me to see the world right at my own home. Through my countless blog-hops, I was able to join online communities. It is also through blog-hops that realized that it is possible to earn while blogging. That’s when I discovered Blogsvertise. Much as I am hooked into blogging, I thought it would also be nice to get paid for blogging? So I instantly registered my blog at Blogsvertise. I do not know really if they will approve my blog, since it’s just barely a month’s old, but I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Blogsvertise pays bloggers to blog which is not that difficult if you are a regular blogger. They do have requirements before signing up but those aren’t too difficult to comply with. First, you must have a blog. What’s more, Blogsvertise accepts new bloggers (or blogs that are less than 30days old) depending on their evaluation of the quality of your blog! Now how good is that?!? They also feature photos of their bloggers in their homepage!

Signing up is as easy as counting one-to-three… so what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity now!

A Deceptively Delicious Giveaway!

My 3year old boy doesn't like veggies at all but he is an avid juice drinker. What I do is mix carrots-apple-pineapple or other combination in a juicer and he drinks it eagerly. I think I need more ideas on how to blend in veggies in his food without him knowing it :) I think this book will be useful.. so please, pick me :)

I left this comment above at An Island Review in response to her call for contest participants. An Island Review will be giving away 2 copies of Deceptively Delicious book written by Jessica Seinfeld (yes, the wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld) aimed at mothers whose kids don't like vegetables. It is quite an interesting read knowing that I myself is facing the same difficulty. So how do I make my son to eat vegetables? He eats rice and meat alright but runs away from vegetables. This book, Deceptively Delicious, will tell us how. Now, if only lady luck will be on my side...

The deadline of the contest is on October 19. So what are you waiting for?

Thank God, Birthday Party is Over!

Hayyy, thank God.
After a week-long preparation, the birthday party is ovahhh! I didn't have enough time to plan, thanks to my full-time job - and my husband, he's not into planning his son's birthday bash - but the party went well!

Of course, the theme is a no-brainer... ang walang kamatayang Superman! My cousin Raul took care of the food preparation, and my father sponsored the party balloons and the Superman cake... to the delight of my little boy. Look at his happy face!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Little boy wore the Superman costume in the beginning, but had to be taken off as it was mainit (hot) that afternoon. He obliged but still wore a Superman shirt. Little boy's cousin, Beebop (left, the one carried by another girl who's a second cousin), was there to join the fun, and the second cousins as well. Kids, they all had fun popping the balloons and playing with the icing. The oldies enjoyed, too. They had their own drinking party.

I'm glad we all survived and my house can now go back to normal!

Blog Claim

I just found out about Technorati and decided to join the community. Here, I lay claim to Ang Payag ni MamaGirl blog.

Technorati Profile

Wordless Wednesday #2 - My Super Hero

My two- (turning three)year-old boy loves Superman. His Uncle bought him a Superman costume, supposedly a gift for his birthday this coming Sunday. But this little boy knew that we were hiding something from him. So one day, while we all were out in the living room, chatting and chatting, he was secretly inspecting the cabinets -- and voilaaaaa -

He was running around the house happily in this outfit. He never took the costume off for two whole days, except when its bath time, and, demanded he wears it again. He was only persuaded to take it off when MamaGirl promised to wash the costume... and let him wear it again. Sigh.

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Wordless Wednesday #1

I am a first time WW participant. See more of WW participants here.

My Little Boy, Then and Now

Duha ka tuig kag onse kabulan na ang nagligad sang natawo ang akon nga little boy. Nalipay ang tanan sa iya pag-abot sa tunga sang kahadlok namon sang nakit-an sang doktor nga nagahinay ang pitik sang iya tagipusuon samtang naga-labor na ako. Tungod abi sa iya kahulagan sa sulod sang akon tiyan, nagbalimbod ang iya pusod sa iya liog. Gani, imbes na normal delivery, nagdesidir na lang ang doktor nakon sa St. Anthony Hospital nga manganak ako pinaagi sa Ceasarian section... baw kasakit, indi lang sa nabatyagan ko sa before kag after ko manganak, kundi, pati man sa kasakit sa bulsa. Buslot gid amon bulsa, pero, wala kami sang mahimo kundi sundon na lang ang advise sang doktor para man sa ikaayo nakon kag sang akon little boy.

Yari siya, mga 2 weeks old pa lang siya sini. Sa edad niya nga ini kabalo na mag-raise the roof akon little boy!

Kadugay sang akon milk haw!

My little boy, 4-5months old

Just one year old, and what a rockstar I am turning out to be!

Pagkatapos sang amon jamming session, diri lang ko gapahimuyong sa akon tsanggi (convenience store).

At two years old, my little man looks a lot like his Grandpa Freddie (my father)!

Ang Nahauna nga Pulong

May pwesto na gid man ako sa blogosphere. Indi na ko matawag na techno-illiterate. It's about taaaym, siling pa sang akon nga utod. With her help, gin-revive nakon ang akon blog kag gin-ilisan namon ang akon nga template. Ti, kay everything new na, daw ganado na man ako sa pag-blog.

Umpisa sa adlaw nga ini... maga-sulat ako, bernano lang. Apang akon ginapangayo ang inyo nga pag-intiende kay indi ako mayad mag-sulat sang Iningglis. Carabao-Ingglis gid dabi ya.

Ako gali si MamaGirl, married since 2004 and a proud mama to a little boy. He's turning three soon, and everyday, I see myself in him, literally. Ti paano man dabi, splitting image gid nakon siya. Nakuha niya iya halos tanan na physical features niya sa akon.

Years ago, I worked in Cambodia. Single pa ako. It was during the time that the country was slowly opening its doors to the world. Working for a Swiss NGO, I traveled to 4 provinces, namely, Kampot, Takeo, Kampong Chhnang and Prey Veng helping farmers help themselves. Dala nakon ang mga farming techniques nga developed and tested diri sa Pilipinas, isa na ang LAMP Farming, o ang ginatawag nga Limited Area Multiple Production. Ahh, those were the days... I returned to the Philippines in 2004, got married and had a baby. Currently, I am working in a project funded by international NGO World Vision diri sa Capiz, and, in due time, I will tell you of my work experiences, here and in Cambodia, and my life here in Capiz.

Gani, bisita kamo liwat diri... pagbalik ninyo, damo na ko isturya a. Sa subong, ini lang danay kay gatiyabaw naman to ang akon nga little boy.


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