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Joy-riding in Europe!

I have long dreamed of traveling in Europe. The countries that attract me the most are Germany, France and Spain and what better way to enjoy what these European destinations have to offer than by driving! To me, driving offers the most pleasant way of getting from one destination to another. Having a car is certainly the best and the most efficient way to explore, experience, and enjoy the above-mentioned destinations, its vast countryside, its warm and friendly people and its colorful culture. You can easily stop anywhere you like and at anytime you wish to look at the markets, have meals in one of the local restaurants or just bask in the village life. But before hitting the road, careful research and planning should be undertaken. One needs to know not only the visa requirements, but also information on car rentals, driving license, speed limits, insurance requirements and, most of all, accommodations after a day’s worth of driving.

Where to stay is not a problem as there are thousands of them listed in the internet. One website that provides a one-stop site for accommodations with great discounts and deals in Europe is Thousands of accommodations of all types are listed in this site. For example, finding hotels in London is piece of cake as are so many kinds to choose from at any given location. Need hotels in Paris or hotels in Barcelona with unbeatable last minute deals?

Don’t fret, just browse through and you’ll be surprised at the many current hot deals and extras that they give.

Wordless Wednesday #11 - Mayon Volcano

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Let there be light

One of the most important things that should be considered when decorating houses is the lighting system. You don't want bright lights when you watch DVD in your living room, or too dark at night when you are preparing meals at night. In other words, much thought should be given about proper house lighting. Aside from its function, the style is also important and should blend in well with the other furnitures at home.

If you are in search for the best lighting for your house, then there are many online sources to go to. is a one-stop shop for all lighting needs. is a family-owned business that, over the years, has grown huge because of its massive success in providing high quality of products to its customers. So the customers are assured that the products at come from the top manufacturers of America.

Navigating through the website is very easy. You can search the products by brand, by application or by style! Among the many choices they have online, House of Troy lighting provides all kinds of lighting accessories, be it contemporary, traditional, transitional, or even utility, all of which have their own unique styles and designs. These products come from the state of Vermont where (hand-)craftmanship is a tradition. Searching further, my attention was caught by the unique sea gull lighting. The designs are so decorative, and definitely do not look like a sea gull at all! Sea gull lighting does not only come in contemporary, traditional, tiffany and transitional designs, they also have something for the bathroom, ceiling and other lighting accessories. What's more, it also has an energy-saving lighting for the environment-conscious.

I could go on and on about the fabulous products at, but of course, you'll have to see it for yourself. Go check now.

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Wordless Wednesday #10 - Rice Planting

Hi... am back for this week's edition of Wordless Wednesday.

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Wordless Wednesday #9 - Pabitin

Pabitin is a traditional game in the Philippines. The main element in pabitin is the "latticed" bamboo festooned with junk foods, fruits, candies, and even money, lowered or pulled up playfully with a piece of string, for kids to grab or snatch as they pass by. This picture was taken in one of the Christmas parties we give to the children from impoverished communities where we work.

Wordless Wednesday #8 Green fields of Home

Happy Wordless Wednesday!
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Quick post

Just as I complained yesterday about the silence on the part of the paid-blogging sites that I registered in came an email minutes ago announcing that one of my posts had been approved! Yay! Thanks a lot. I hope they give me more opportunities.

And oh, I need to create the required disclosure statement soon.

Now on to the next paid-blogging assignment... :D

I was tagged!

I visited Seester's blog during lunch break and saw there a tag for me. Being a newbie in blogging, I do not have an idea what a tag is, let alone what to do with a tag. So I summoned her to YM to ask her what is this tag thing all about. To my embarrassment, it's sort of a game you play by answering some stuffs. Ok, don't blame me, I've only begun blogging two months ago and I have not yet immersed myself in culture of blogging.

So, anyways, here's what's in my bag:

1. Native purse. I purchased it when I was in Vietnam years ago and it's where I put my celfones and loose coins.
2. Wallet from Sri Lanka which I nicked from Seester when she came back from a conference there.
3. My favorite hankie
4. Lip balm
5. Ballpen
6. Cologne
7. Shades
8. Face powder
9. My ever-dependable celfone…
10. … and calculator
11. Aherm, panty-liner

There, all revealed! I carry these things everyday without fail, wherever I go. What's in yours?

Something's fishy...

... is going on with the paid-blogging sites that I had registered into. I think I was tricked into opening an account with these questionable sites. I already submitted a post, and, according to their records, it is still pending. Okay, perhaps this is one of the sites that doesn't pay their bloggers on time?

A lesser known beach

The beach above is one of the beaches that surround the province of Capiz. Pacho beach, as it is popularly called here, is located in Barangay Basiao, municipality of Ivisan. It is about 10kms from the town proper of Ivisan and the road is good.

It is one of the many beaches here that many locals go to during weekends. It doesn't have the white sand of Boracay, but many local tourists love to go there because it is very peaceful and the scenery is fantastic. It offers a real getaway place for those seeking to escape the hustle-bustle of the city.

Though Pacho beach is accessible, it is still beyond the reach of commercialism. I think that it won't be long before a lot of people would come to know this place. But how many more years before the claws of tourism and commercialism finally turn this place upside-down?

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