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Wordless Wednesday #43: Eyebags

eyebags ni chappi

My niece, Chappi, 8mths old.

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Camelback displays

In a few weeks time, our organization will be gathering all the beneficiaries from different projects for our year-end assembly. This end-of-the-year event highlights the year-long community activities implemented beginning in January up to December. One of the most-anticipated parts of the gathering is the exhibit of produce, a trade show displays, featuring the products of our farmer-beneficiaries.

Now everyone is excited because it’s like a showdown of each project. For my project, the project leaders and I were thinking of how we can make our displays stand out. One suggested putting up banner stands. We want a banner stand that could withstand the wind, yet light and easy to install, and most of all cheap and yet will last a long time. However, as our meeting went on, we realized we are going to need a bigger space for the products. We don’t want a boring shape for our exhibit so we might get also accentuate our booth with a truss for lights for a better display of products.

Luckily for us, we got all these ideas from It is a one-stop site for all the trade show display needs. We were awed by the great selection of banner stands, truss, exhibit cabinets and more. They are all easy to install, light, affordable (guaranteed factory-priced rates) and most of all, the products could last for years.

ShopWiki - the ultimate shopping guide

It's just more than 30days to go before Christmas and the excitement of my little boy is undeniable. I feel guilty though because with all the work in my hands now - being the end of the year, work is crazy - I haven't even started making a list of presents to buy let alone look for Christmas ornaments for the house?

As a working mother, I am always on the go and finding time to do the household chores is not that easy that it needs careful planning and scheduling. But thanks to the magic of Internet, and to my ever-reliable credit card, I have taken advantage of online shopping. It saves me a lot of time and I can do it right at home with my son.

The worldwide web is the best place to find bargains with millions of online stores out there and ShopWiki is the one-stop site for your ultimate shopping guide. Last time I checked, I found this cool action figures and heroes that I think will make my son clap in delight. With ShopWiki, it helps busy-moms like you and me find products in more stores and with great savings deals to boot, without having to leave our houses and avoiding the hassle of running from one store to another with a crying toddler in tow.

Wordless Wednesday #42: Capiz Cabs

In a place where tricycles are the kings of the road, the first taxi cabs in Roxas City was introduced. Called the Capiz Cabs, the five cabs started plying the streets of Roxas last month. What's more, the cabs are fitted with receipt-issuing meters! This is the first time ever that taxi-cabs operate in the city. More units will be added soon.

Now I ask, what will happen to the tricycle operators and drivers who will, in not so distant future, be affected by this sudden resurgence of competition? Right now I hear varying feedbacks from tricycle drivers when I asked them about this, but I have to say that there are more unhappy drivers.

For more of the Capiz Cabs, please click here.

Wordless Wednesday #41: My bearded little boy

mr ilong

This is my son, now 4 years old. I took this and edited using my camera-phone. We were all laughing because he vehemently denied that the boy in the picture is not him. I am beginning to see his strong resemblance to my father!

Thanks, guys!

Wordless Wednesday #40: Apartments...

... is where our departed ones lie.
... where we visit them during piyesta minatay (All Soul's Day)
... where we light candles, bring flowers, and offer our prayers for their eternal rest.

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