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Wordless Wednesday #43: Eyebags

eyebags ni chappi

My niece, Chappi, 8mths old.

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Tiaras and Tantrums said...

cute niece!

Kimber said...

She's very sweet.

Strider said...

Such a sweet pea. Happy WW!

Lori said...

Great shot...Happy WW:)

Sreisaat said...

Wahahahaha, grabe! Baby pa lang gani may eyebags na! Love you, Chappi *mwah*

sweetytots said...

cute entries are about giveaways. I am launching another giveaway here in sweet..pretty..naughty and I am giving away a Magnetic Dress Up Bear. Go here to join the giveaway!

Villager said...

Happy WW! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your young 'uns!

I invite your blog readers to see some very unique mixed-race animals!

peace, Villager

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