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Wordless Wednesday #25: Building sand-castle with Grandpa

Holy Week in the Philippines is commemorated with people praying and reflecting. And since it falls on the hottest days of summer, most families spend a day to cool down at the beach. This is what we did last Wednesday. The kids enjoyed the splashing in the water and building sand-castles while the oldies simply sat back and enjoyed the change of view.

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Happy birthday, Papa

My father turned 62 last March 16.
Wow – 62. I can’t imagine my father is this old. It only seems like yesterday, he was a macho guapito, like his idol Rico Puno.. and now, he's a grandpa to 3 kids.

Papa woke up very early to go to church. He believes that he will get more blessings if he goes to church early in the morning. You know, the early bird gets the worm thing :D

So with Mama and Beebop, they went to church. Right after they came home, my father was all smiles because Bigboy called to greet him. Calls like this, especially on his special day, never fail to warm my father’s heart.

My father told us beforehand that they are not expecting any visitors, those who remember are welcome and those who forget, well , it’s their loss. Both Mama and Papa were busy in the kitchen, preparing a number of dishes. There’s kare-kare, siomai, the ever-present pancit and spaghetti for long life, and kilawing pating. My mother was in charge of the dessert – which she so lovingly prepares everytime - maja blanca and gulaman this time.

Visitors arrived only after lunch. And one by one, the house is filled – mostly cousins and their families. Drinking session started and the first one to be knocked down was the celebrant himself. Hahaha. But not before he started his list of accomplishments for the year. Oh well, when alcohol starts to get into one’s system, one cannot control what he/she can do. My seester called him up, too, and he couldn’t be happier.

Happy birthday, Papa. I know he was exceptionally happy on his birthday because my sisters and brothers who are away didn’t forget to greet him. Nag-enjoy man pati kami bisan indi kumpleto kami nga mga anak. Siguro nabawi na lang sa mga apo :D

Wordless Wednesday #24: Cousins=Bestfriends part 2

Here's my entry for the Tuesday and Wednesday edition of Wordless Wednesday. To participate, click here.

Bad Credit Card

Everyone I know have credit cards. Who doesn't, nowadays? A lot of people now prefer transacting with their plastics rather than cash that the number of people who carry cash are getting fewer and fewer as more and more restaurants, groceries, shopping malls, and almost all business establishments - virtually everywhere – accepts credit cards.

However, good things almost always turn to bad -- it is when credit card users use their cards irresponsibly, and then fall into a monster debt trap. Most people I know use their credit cards way beyond their limits and end up with a bad credit card history, making it impossible for them to get back on the credit card track.

Fortunately, there are credit card companies who are willing to help you get back on your feet. If you want to know where they are - is the answer. It is intended for credit card users with poor credit history and/or ratings and looking to rebuild credit history anew. has an up-to-date compilation of top credit offers, not only on credit cards, but also home loans, auto loans and personal loans. I think the best feature of all is the list of the top 10 credit cards for the bad credit where you can compare the offers and make an informed decision. Once a customer has chosen the credit card that offers the best features suited for them, they are automatically linked to its respective online applications.

Just a friendly advice: spend on items that are within your purchase capacity. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pay back and get a bad credit history again. Always remember to use your credit card wisely. Don’t let it use you.

Wordless Wednesday #24 - Pedal Pump

pedal pump

Let's get physical!
Indeed, it is. Please allow me to describe what I'm doing in the picture as someone commented about not getting it. In the picture, I am demonstrating how to draw water under the ground using a pedal pump, and it took me about 10mins to fill a bucket. Pedal pumps like this are effective in responding to water shortage and lack of irrigation systems in rural areas of developing countries like Cambodia and India. I used to work with HEKS Cambodia Program from 1999-2003, helping rural people improve their livelihood by introducing sustainable agriculture activities and organize community-based organizations to enable them to help themselves. As mentioned, it takes a lot of stamina to fill a bucket - it's equivalent to doing one session of aerobics. To know more about HEKS Cambodia Programme, click here.

Domain Registration

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4 Jobs I Have Had:
- TV News and Feature Writer
- Volunteer Agriculturist
- Assistant to the Project Officer
- Community Development Worker

4 Movies Watched Over and Over: (Kasi si litol boy ginabalik-balik watch, ti kami man, eh, watch man)
- Shrek2
- Sharktales
- Finding Nemo
- Bourne Ultimatum

4 Places I have Lived:
- Phnom Penh, Cambodia (3 years)
- Mlang, Cotabato (6 months)
- Naga City, Camarines Sur (1 year)
- Sto. Domingo, Quezon City (2 years)

4 Shows I Watch:
- Amazing Race Asia
- Joaquin Bordado (TV series:action)
- TV Patrol World (news)
- Balitang K (feature)

4 Places I Have Been To (not too long ago):
- Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
- Bangkok, Thailand
- Davao City, Philippines
- Negros Occidental (Silay, Bacolod, Victorias)

4 People Who E-mail Me:

- my brothers and sisters
- Bongthom (job updates)
- old friends
- colleagues

4 Favorite Things To Eat:
- pizza
- peanuts
- donuts
- banana (boiled, banana que and roll)

4 Places I Would Rather Be Living:
- anywhere

4 Things I Look Forward To This Year:
- vacation with my son and my husband (Boracay)
- application to VSO
- house Completion
- Seester's vacation in the Philippines

I am tagging Mheldz and Venu.

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Nature's Fury

These scenes greeted me when I returned to Roxas City after a three-day Strategic Planning seminar in Iloilo City. We were all speechless when we saw how mother nature created havoc in this sleepy farming town.

On the national highway, buses, cars and other vehicles were unable to pass through because of the high water level. The crops were all ready for harvesting if not for the heavy rainfall. My heart went out to the poor farmers whose crops were totally wiped out by the water. The farmers did not lose only crops, but also lost their properties (cattle and farming equipments) and destroyed their houses. In fact, many have been feared missing or, worse, dead. Also, many farmers fear how they would survive this year now that the crops that they had hope to bring them income is gone?

Local authorities are collecting information as to how many families were affected in the municipalities of Sigma, Dao, Cuartero and Mambusao - all of which the provincial government have declared as areas in state of calamity. Up to this point, the government has not determined how much was the damage in these municipalities in terms of crops and properties.

Most of the population were evacuated in evacuation centers and are receiving relief support from the government. Our organization is also readying for a rehab project. To those who want to donate some clothes, canned food and others, please direct them to the Office of the Provincial Governor of Capiz, or through Katibyugan, Inc., the non-profit organization where I am working. Leave me a message here or send me email. Any form of help is very much welcome and appreciated.

I am not surprised anymore (and I am angry) that news like this about Capiz did not or do not merit any attentional from the national media. To media companies, Gretchen's bitchiness is far more important than thousands of farmers devastated by floods and therefore gains a place in the headlines. The only time that Capiz is given attention to by the media is when the subject points at Capiz being the haven of aswangs (flesh-eaters and other supernatural beings). That, we Capizenos are not too happy about, and I am only being polite when I say that. How this affects every Capizeno is worth another post.

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