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Here's the rule:

Join us on this flight.Let all they bloggers around the globe come together in unity bblog linking. All you have to do is add your name to the list. Don’t forget to specify the country where you are from and of course, link your name to your respective blog. If you have two or more blogs, add and link them all. Then invite 8 or more bloggers to do the same.

Okay, here we go:

Juliafrom Philippines, Catherine from Malaysia, Shi from USA, Mitch from Philippines, Hailey from Philippines, Sexymom from USA, Liza from Philippines, Sasha from Philippines, Thess from Netherlands, Marie from Philippines, mind bubbles from USA, Evi from Canada, Christine - Marikit from AU, Christine - Strawberrygurl from AU, Mel’s Untamed World from PH, Mel’s Uncensored Life from PH, vanity kit from USA, something purple from USA, em’s detour from USA, Sassy Finds from Philippines, My Charmed Life from Philippines, Mommyhood and Me from Philippines, Changing Lanes from Philippines, Pit Stop from Philippines, Shopaholic Ties The Knot from Philippines, The Wifey Diaries from Philippines, Counting Stars with Zahara from Philippines, Paradigm and Random Thoughts from USA, Hail & Farewell, Behind the Mask from Philippines, Redlan's web of arts, Philippines, Sreisaat Adventures in Cambodia, MamaGirl from the Philippines...

And you are next: Mheldz, Pinay in the US, PakkaTikka.

Assistance to Capiz farmers affected by floods

Earlier this year, in the first weeks of March, I wrote about the flash floods that affected the five municipalities of Capiz. Hundreds of farmers expressed disbelief and hopelessness at what had happened. Fortunately, my organization, through the Food Security Program that I am managing, immediately launched a relief operation in response to the calamity.

Just a month ago, a total of 640 sacks of rice seeds (ready for planting) were also distributed to the affected farmers, much to their delight. Katibyugan, Inc. gave individual farmers a sack of rice for every hectare of land they have that was flooded. There were two rice varieties given to them.

Houses, farming equipment, livestock and hundreds of hectares of ricelands were destroyed due to heavy rains in February and March. Through our rice seeds assistance, the farmers will be able to plant again to replace lost rice plants. It is their fervent hope, and ours, too, that there will be no more destructive rain to wipe out their newly-planted rice. Other relief goods were also distributed, especially and Katibyugan is still open for your donations. Kindly email me if you have something to give.

happy birthday: Cousin-bestfriend!

April 24, my 'cousin-bestfriend's' birthday! Celebrating also is my sister sreisaat, seems like she's the one excited! ;)

Mac Poker Online

Poker, I think, is the most popular casino games played online by millions of people worldwide. Unfortunately for Mac computer users, there is only a small number of online poker sites that let Mac computer owners play online poker.

It is indeed a hassle most of the times when online poker rooms do not support Mac's operating system. With the growing popularity of Apple computers, the number of sites offering Mac Poker is now rising. Yes, there are a few out there now but it’s always a tricky task to find good and reputable sites to play. If you want to play online poker for Mac, you need not search too far – is the popular site when it comes to online poker and casino games for Mac computer users.

As you can see, the site provides all kinds of information on online poker for Mac users valuable to old timers and most especially to newcomers. As you can see, has recently teamed up with Pacific Poker, and together, they offer an unbeatable Poker Bonus to their players.

So there you go, provides the best option on online poker for Mac owners. Go visit their site now.

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