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New Year's Greetings from All of Us!

Kabay pa nga padayon kita nga buligan sang aton Guinoo sa pagsulod sang bag-o nga tuig. Amon ginapangayo na padayon Niya kita hatagan sang maayo nga panglawason, grasya nga matamasa kag ma-share sa naga-kinahanglan, kalipay kag padayon na pagsulundanay kag pagpinalangga-anay.

floating lanterns

this lanterns of different designs are found in panay river, fronting the cathedral church. Symbolizes joy and light to the people who are attending "simbang gabi" (midnight mass).

Buy and sell gold online

When I was a kid, I used to be fascinated by the story of King Midas who everything he touches turns into gold. When I grew up, after the former President Marcos was deposed, stories of his gold bullions stashed in some place surfaced that prompted lot of people to begin hunting for this hidden treasure.

My fascination with gold didn't lead me to buying gold jewelries or even gold bullions. Most people I know buy gold not only because of its decorative value, but because it is a good investment. In recent years, we've seen so many people buying gold because its value doesn't diminish over time, but in fact, it even increase.

At, they provide the most professional and high-security storage for gold. And since the gold doesn't leave its vaults, making it so secure and cheap and easy to trade online.'s live exchange is where the gold is bought and sold in real time world spot gold market prices. The has a gold price chart which features the current market value of gold. And for more information on the latest trends and insightful research section.

So for all your needs in buying and selling gold, visit the It's gold made easy.

Online poker for Mac users

Poker is the most popular card game played in casinos and with the advent of online casino games, online poker's popularity is growing at an exponential rate. Mac users will be very thrilled to know that now there is a new online poker site called Mac Poker that is primarily devoted to Mac users.

Lay-out and design wise, the color scheme is easy on the eyes, the graphics are fantastic and navigating through is very convenient. Plus, you can easily select the language of your choice through the icons visible on the top right hand of the page. Despite the traffic, the page loads easily, too, saving time for the users.

Content-wise, the website is a one-stop site for all online casino game information needs. Poker players from all over the world are constantly updated of the current happenings in the online poker world as well as of the current tournaments. Mac Poker also gives useful recommendations on the best Mac poker rooms online for those who are newbies in online poker. Two of the highly recommended are the Pacific Poker and the Full-tilt Poker. Mac Poker's review on these poker rooms guarantees players of the ultimate enjoyment and security in playing online poker.

The side columns also offer various information on the different Mac poker sites, Mac casino games, rules and strategy tips, online deals and online casino bonuses, a forum for poker discussions and hosts of others. So if you are a Mac user and want to try your luck in online poker, Mac Poker online is the best place to go.

Wordless Wednesday #12 Apsara dancer

For more WW photos, please check out the Wordless Wednesday HQ.

A Fellowship in Guimaras Island

Months ago, our office paid for a fellowship activity in Guimaras Island. We all got very excited because it will be a time off our hectic work schedules. Guimaras is a province in Iloilo and is best known for its sweet, sweet variety of mangos.

We stayed at Raymen Beach Cottages in Alubihod, Nueva Valencia. To our delight, the place was beautiful - white sand beach, long stretch of shoreline, and crystal clear water ideal for swimming.

To get there, we left Roxas City early in the morning. From Iloilo City, we went to Ortiz port and took one of the many boats that ply the Iloilo-Guimaras route. It didn't took long, only about 45mins and we already reached the historical Buenavista wharf! Buenavista is one of the five municipalities of Guimaras, and the wharf where we docked is also known as the McArthur wharf, named after the famous Douglas McArthur who built it in 1903.

We didn't waste time. Our activities were mainly on team-building and fellowship. We had music, dancing, games and of course, the food! It was such a good time for all of us. After many, many months of hard work, this excursion certainly relaxed everyone as well as strengthen our camaraderie and team spirit. I hope we'll have more of this in the future. We were there for a few nights, but we all came home with renewed spirits and commitment in our work.

For me, the it would have been more fun if my husband and little boy were there. I know, it was a wishful thinking - but I know many mothers out there share my feelings about being with family, but since it is a work-related outing, it's just not right to take them with me. Next time, I hope to bring my husband and little boy here for some family bonding.

*Photo of Raymen Beach was taken from

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