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Wordless Wednesday #22: Super yawn

Superheroes do get sleepy too!
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Wordless Wednesday #21 : What's going on over there?

I'm posting mine early today as I have some errands to do tomorrow. Photo shows the kids (my son and my niece) with their grandma (my mother) under the shade of a tree, taken one hot afternoon.

what's going on

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Shopping made easy at

I am a working mother. I work for a non-government organization that requires me to travel for stretches of days. That means I am away from my family for an awful lot of time. So when I am not away, I try to spend quality time with my husband and three year old son. One of the chores we love doing together is shopping - whether for food, groceries or home stuffs. However, because my travels are getting more frequent, we spend less time to go shopping together and I eventually let my husband take over this task.

I envy working moms in other parts of the world because they can still do shopping - but right at the comforts of their home. In the UK, busy moms prefer to shop online, and they always go to, the largest online shopping search engine in UK. With, moms at home have direct access to over 30,000 stores and 35million products guaranteed low prices, more than any other online shopping search engines. What's more, one can research for more selection of products for comparison -- from electronics, home and garden, clothes, anything at all -- and find the best deals with just a few clicks of the mouse.

I think this is a great help to working moms. does not only provide product reviews but also store reviews to help moms and other customers make an informed decision.


How do you like my new template? Looks nice, eh? It's not finished yet. Still under construction. You know, I am not an expert in html or javascript codes so I am doing this blog make-over slowly but surely. I hope you'll still come back even if the lay out is still somewhat far from being completed.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Online casino, anyone?

Have you every tried playing in a casino? How was your experience?
It was in Phnom Penh, Cambodia when I first entered a casino. It was in a farewell party to a Filipina expat when someone asked who hasn't been inside a casino. Almost all of us raised our hands, at our age which was way above the legal age, you wouldn't believe how many we were. We went to a floating casino, a medium-sized ship that was docked on the waters of Tonle Sap. Instead of playing, we all went to the bar and got drunk and missed the opportunity at playing slot machine!

I told myself, if could not not play in an actual casino by the time I turned 30, I would play in an online casino.

So I need a good preparation for this. I wouldn’t want to be disappointed. So I researched over the net all about online casinos. Deciding which online casino site is a herculean task as there are thousands of sites on the internet. Luckily, I stumbled upon, a site that offers credible reviews the best online casinos out of the thousands that are available. This helps online casino-newbies like me. All in all, the website is a one-stop site for all online casino questions you do not need to find another site. Best of all,is that they have a beginners guide and a top 20 list and their corresponding reviews to aid customers. No wonder more online gamblers consider their “bible” in online casino.

Wordless Wednesday #20 Grandma's Birthday

grandma's birthday

It's Grandma's (my mother) birthday and look who's blowing the birthday candles?

For more of WW photos, please click this link. Happy WW and Valentine's everyone!

Wordless Wednesday #19 - Home gardening project

Here's another support we are giving to indigent families in the province. We give them seeds and small start up capitals as well as train them on some planting techniques. This may look small to some but it means the world to the poor families - a steady source of food for their families.

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