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Happy birthday, Papa

My father turned 62 last March 16.
Wow – 62. I can’t imagine my father is this old. It only seems like yesterday, he was a macho guapito, like his idol Rico Puno.. and now, he's a grandpa to 3 kids.

Papa woke up very early to go to church. He believes that he will get more blessings if he goes to church early in the morning. You know, the early bird gets the worm thing :D

So with Mama and Beebop, they went to church. Right after they came home, my father was all smiles because Bigboy called to greet him. Calls like this, especially on his special day, never fail to warm my father’s heart.

My father told us beforehand that they are not expecting any visitors, those who remember are welcome and those who forget, well , it’s their loss. Both Mama and Papa were busy in the kitchen, preparing a number of dishes. There’s kare-kare, siomai, the ever-present pancit and spaghetti for long life, and kilawing pating. My mother was in charge of the dessert – which she so lovingly prepares everytime - maja blanca and gulaman this time.

Visitors arrived only after lunch. And one by one, the house is filled – mostly cousins and their families. Drinking session started and the first one to be knocked down was the celebrant himself. Hahaha. But not before he started his list of accomplishments for the year. Oh well, when alcohol starts to get into one’s system, one cannot control what he/she can do. My seester called him up, too, and he couldn’t be happier.

Happy birthday, Papa. I know he was exceptionally happy on his birthday because my sisters and brothers who are away didn’t forget to greet him. Nag-enjoy man pati kami bisan indi kumpleto kami nga mga anak. Siguro nabawi na lang sa mga apo :D



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