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On getting paid to blog

I have recently given in to the blogging itch and I tell you, I am beginning to enjoy the wonderful experience it brings. Writing down my thoughts and seeing it published online is such a rush! More so, when other bloggers leave comments and an interaction ensues!

I am a working mom, and my mind is always pre-occupied by my work and responsibilities at home and as a mother. I had little time for recreation and opportunities are also rare. When I was introduced to blogging, my nights have changed. Of course, the call of motherhood is still the first priority but when all is done, I enjoy the peace and quiet at night especially when my little boy is busy watching his cartoons on DVD with his father. So that's the time when I retreat into my corner where a whole new world awaits me.

Blogging and bloghopping allows me to see the world right at my own home. Through my countless blog-hops, I was able to join online communities. It is also through blog-hops that realized that it is possible to earn while blogging. That’s when I discovered Blogsvertise. Much as I am hooked into blogging, I thought it would also be nice to get paid for blogging? So I instantly registered my blog at Blogsvertise. I do not know really if they will approve my blog, since it’s just barely a month’s old, but I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Blogsvertise pays bloggers to blog which is not that difficult if you are a regular blogger. They do have requirements before signing up but those aren’t too difficult to comply with. First, you must have a blog. What’s more, Blogsvertise accepts new bloggers (or blogs that are less than 30days old) depending on their evaluation of the quality of your blog! Now how good is that?!? They also feature photos of their bloggers in their homepage!

Signing up is as easy as counting one-to-three… so what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity now!



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