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A Deceptively Delicious Giveaway!

My 3year old boy doesn't like veggies at all but he is an avid juice drinker. What I do is mix carrots-apple-pineapple or other combination in a juicer and he drinks it eagerly. I think I need more ideas on how to blend in veggies in his food without him knowing it :) I think this book will be useful.. so please, pick me :)

I left this comment above at An Island Review in response to her call for contest participants. An Island Review will be giving away 2 copies of Deceptively Delicious book written by Jessica Seinfeld (yes, the wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld) aimed at mothers whose kids don't like vegetables. It is quite an interesting read knowing that I myself is facing the same difficulty. So how do I make my son to eat vegetables? He eats rice and meat alright but runs away from vegetables. This book, Deceptively Delicious, will tell us how. Now, if only lady luck will be on my side...

The deadline of the contest is on October 19. So what are you waiting for?



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