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Bogen - the best choice for tripods

Amongst the five siblings, it is my eldest sister who has passion for photography. As far as I can remember, she was, and still is, very much excited about everything that concerns photography - her camera, the picture that she took, or any new camera accessories. She always looks forward to every picture she takes. She is not a professional photographer, but as an enthusiast/hobbyist, I have to say that she takes beautiful photos.

Whenever she spends for her passion, she makes sure that she gets value for every penny she spends. However, there are some items that she is not so enthusiastic to spend on, such as the tripod. She said that its function is merely to hold up a camera, right? So it was at the bottom of her priority list. Just recently though, after coming home from her Nepal trip, I was surprised to hear her mention about her need for a tripod. It turned out that some of the pictures she took there didn’t turn out well. There she met someone who, sort of, lectured her about the importance of tripods. Thus, began her quest for a good quality and reasonably-priced tripod. We both searched online and there is one brand that stands out from the rest – Bogen tripods.

Many photography hobbyists and professionals gave outstanding review of Bogen tripods. Bogen is an innovator when it comes to tripods. The advent of lightweight digital cameras ushered the digital tripods that are compact and transportable to suit the digital camera users. It has been said that it is very easy to pack and carry – it sets up and breaks down so quickly and easily!

Versatility is also one of the great features of Bogen tripods. Most of Bogen tripod models have a large range of interchangeable head designs to choose from and there are adjustable styles offered for the handles. More so, ball heads are offered in micro size, to support 4 pounds up to the pro size which will support 35 pounds. We both agree that when it comes to tripods, Bogen is the name that best supports the creativity of, not only professionals, but also amateur photographers or hobbyists.


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